Launching of our project “Way to nikah”

News is a premium matrimonial website for global Muslims. The site’s aim is to help Muslims to find their suitable life partner in an Islamic way. is not a dating portal at all. Only matured Muslim men and women with an intention of marriage are allowed to register at The site is most trustworthy and technically advanced matrimonial portals. will make your matrimonial searches and online-match making a simple, easy and happy experience. By understanding the needs and concerns of singles Muslims through tireless research and analysis, Provide a pleasant, satisfying, and superior matchmaking experience to the customers while ensuring their privacy and security. Give customers complete control through easy to use interfaces and features that can help them identify, filter and contact potential partners.

f you are urgently looking for life partner, we invite you to join and experience the happiness and overwhelming results to lead a success in finding a suitable Muslim life partner.

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